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automation in photoshop getting started with variables 2

Here we are, second part of our automation journey with variables. I guess you have red the first part and practice little bit. We will work with more than one variable and I will explain you how to use clipping mask for more flexibility. Best of all I will keep it simple and easy to […]

how to make cinemagraph

In one of the previous articles we explain what is cinemagraph, who invented this moving photography and showed you the most popular examples of cinemagraph. Now you will learn how to create your personal cinemagraph, so open you Adobe Photoshop and read very carefully. First of all you need to know that if you want […]

adobe photoshop layers management

When designers hear ‘multilayered Photoshop files‘, most of them get headache. The biggest problem is keeping track with all those layers, and if you spend a lot of time with multilayered Photoshop files, you know exactly what this is about. Luckily, Adobe had this in mind and now we have lots of features which can […]

Adobe Photoshop CC

Variables in Adobe Photoshop are very powerful feature especially when you need to automate tasks. Most of the Photoshop users do not even know for this feature and others are losing interest on first mention of Variables. After researching the Internet with search term variables in Adobe Photoshop, I’ve realized that nobody had explain this feature […]

Add Multicolored Border Around Image in Photoshop

In this tutorial I will explain you how to add multicolored image border in Adobe Photoshop. Now you have question: how many colors for multicolored border I can use? As many as you want but usually it works best with 2-3 colors, most of the time I am using only 2 colors. So let’s go and […]

how to create vector signature in Adobe Photoshop

Comparisons Brush signature vs Custom Shape signature Lets stop here for a moment and compare some results. I will save 2 very simple signatures created using Minion Pro font only. First I will save brush then custom shape by converting type to shape. Font used for signature is Minion Pro as mentioned and size is 36, […]

5 cool photoshop smart object tips

In this post I will give you 5 of my favorite tips for Photoshop Smart Object layers. This unique and powerful feature allows us to apply any filter non-destructively in Photoshop and that’s common association of Photoshop users with this special kind of layers. Fortunately Smart Object layers are much more than containers that allows […]