How To Save When Printing PDF From Adobe Acrobat and Adobe Reader

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Although digital documents have long been present in the market, there are people who still print a lot of documents. If you are one of them, here are a few tips to help you save paper and toner.

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Print black/white instead of color

In most cases you want lost any data. Avoid this practice only if the text is colored with very bright color. It will be converted to a very light shade of gray, and sometimes in white so that the text is impossible to read. In the Print dialog box, turn on Print in Grayscale (black & white).

Print multiple pages on one (click Multiple)

Advice is particularly good if it comes to long documents or PowerPoint presentations. When you print such documents, you determine how many pages of the document will be printed on a single sheet of paper. You can also specify the order and orientation of the page to reduce blank space.

Print on both sides

Many printers have this feature called Duplex printing. It can not be turned on from the Adobe Reader and Adobe Acrobat, but you can do that in the print dialog box that you get when you click Printer
If your printer does not have this option, then you can first print the odd-numbered side, turning the paper over and print the even side. These options will be found in the Print dialog box of Adobe Reader and Adobe Acrobat in section Pages to Print > More Options > Odd or Even Pages

Print only parts of the page

If you need only a part of the page, print only that part, not the whole page. Snapshoot Tool can help you with this, so you can select only part of the page you need.

  1. Select Edit > Take a Snapshoot
  2. Select the portion of the page that you need by drawing a rectangle
  3. Reader and Acrobat will report that the copy of the page part is on the Clipboard. Confirm with OK.
  4. Select to File > Print
  5. In the Print dialog turn Selected Graphic (in Acrobat Reader it is under More Options)

Use Adobe LeanPrint

LeanPrint is an application that was developed jointly by Adobe and Toshiba. Its main purpose is to reduce costs in the press. The application has built-in algorithms to analyze your document so that it can compress text to document but does not lose its original shape. Saves on paper and color more than 70%.
More information about the program can be found on the websites of companies Adobe and Toshiba.

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